Monday, August 23, 2010

C&O 1308 Night Shoot

On the evening of August 21st with the cooperation of Walter Scriptunas II, MSRLHA, and the Collis P. Huntington Historical Society, extended efforts were made to bring C&O 1308, a 2-6-6-2 back to life with the help of professional fog machines, fans, and other gear. Actors were used for realistic props and studio lighting was used to light the scene. Below is a series of images captured.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A trip to the Old Dominion!

With the annual C&O Historical Society Conference being held in the capital city of Virginia, Richmond, a brief, yet eventful trip took place. Below are some of the highlights of the three day expedition along various CSX predecessor routes, including the C&O, ACL, and the RF&P.

Under beautiful clear skies and surrounded by total darkness, CSX U282 emerges from the Big Bend Tunnel in Talcott, WV.

Westbound CSX E502 illuminates the Hilldale cantilever on it's final leg of the crew run from Clifton Forge to Hinton.

Southbound CSX Q741, the empty Tropicana juice train highballs through downtown Ashland sporting single stack intermodal containers on the head end.

The fully restored and photogenic RF&P Ashland Depot poses beside fast flying Q741 in downtown Ashland.

A northbound D.C. bound Amtrak passenger train observes a slow order as it makes it's way through downtown Ashland, along CSX's RF&P Subdivision. Over 18 Amtrak trains travel this line a day, including Amtrak's famous "Auto Train".

Moments later, a GE P42DC leads another passenger train south by the Ashland Station enroute to Richmond and points south along the former Seaboard.

Five miles north of Ashland, in Doswell, a pair of BBRR "geeps" idle near the RF&P/C&O diamond awaiting future assignments.

Empty coal hoppers led by a pair of GE's have just began their journey up the BBRR (former CSX Piedmont Subdivision) just south of Doswell, VA. The train is bound for Charlottesville, Staunton, and points west on the C&O.

Taken from the Douglasdale Road overpass just west of downtown Richmond, the northbound Amtrak "Palmetto" parallels I-195 on it's journey to the northeast.

Moments later, CSX Q171, an intermodal destined for the ports of Florida splits I-195.

CSX Q400 highballs north on the heals of the Palmetto.

After just departing Richmond, a North Carolina bound passenger train knocks down the SCL signal at "Dougsdale Road" on the former ACL North End Subdivision.

The famous "Auto Train" sporting over a dozen superliners and autoracks rides the heals of the previously photographed Amtrak train running slightly behind schedule.

Moving at no less than track speed, CSX P052 charges to the south with autoracks on the rear.

"R Cabin" at the north end of Fulton Yard sits boarded up awaiting demolition.

A Northbound grain train idles on the C&O viaduct in downtown Richmond awaiting pushers to connect to the rear end.

A slightly different perspective from an apartment complex parking lot.

Proceeding north, bound for the Bellwood Subdivision and eventually Rocky Mount, NC on the ACL, this grain train streaks over the Viaduct with beautiful Richmond in the background.

CSX G854 passes over downtown Richmond as it makes it's journey west on CSX's Peninsula Subdivision. The train will eventually take the Bellwood Subdivision and eventually the ACL south, similar to that of the grain train photographed the night before.

Shoving hard on the rear, a single CW44AC brings up the rear on CSX G854.

After uncoupling from the pusher, CSX G854 is moving at full track speed, now on the former ACL to Rocky Mount.

Northbound CSX L173 rumbles over the C&O Rivanna Subdivision approaching Acca Yard in Richmond.

Hiding in the weeds, a southbound Amtrak battles mother nature on CSX's Peninsula Subdivision. The train will make a quick stop at Main Street Station before continuing south towards Newport News, VA.

After meeting the southbound Amtrak photographed above, CSX P094, a Northeast Regional departs Main Street Station to the north under beautiful skies.

A slightly different perspective of CSX P094 northbound.

Finally, to conclude our Richmond expedition, northbound CSX Q740, the loaded Tropicana juice train highballs by Dougsdale Road with a heavy smoking EMD leader.

In less than 24 hours, nearly 32 trains were documented. One of the busiest places I've railfanned!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A successful end to July!

As we rapidly approach the end of Summer, with July coming to an end, I wanted to showcase my findings on July 30th. Originally, plenty of sun and trains were anticipated, yet the weather was less than ideal. Thankfully, several well-lit images were captured. Below is an assortment of our findings in a thumbnail form.

CSX 5394, a DC GEVO leads an eastbound Virginia bound coal drag over the Coal River at St. Albans on a beautiful summer morning.

Much later in the day, after taking a break as a result of the dreaded "high sun" period, CSX 885 leads an eastbound CSX E507 just west of Sproul, bound for the Elk Run coalfields.

After CSX E507 cleared Sproul Junction, westbound CSX V357 led by CSX 738 was given the "clear" to proceed west towards St. Albans. Here, we see him passing by classic West Virginia, nestled deep in the Coal River Valley of Alum Creek.

After just clearing W.E. Coal River Siding, CSX 738 negioates the sharp curves along the Coal River as it approaches "Riverbend".

Mainline higball! CSX 738 makes a run for Russell, KY with a crew running on less than two hours of service remaining.

Westbound black diamond loads make a run for Scary Hill with a single C44-9W.

Eastbound grain loads bound for the Carolinas pass under the Westbound E.E. Dock signal in St. Albans in the evening light.

With a beautiful sunset in the background, CSX 5496 halts just east of the Coal River bridge awaiting a "slow clear" to proceed onto the Coal River Subdivision.

Zoom pan! A 1/8th zoom pan of westbound CSX 5389 in St. Albans. This was my first attempt at a zoom pan.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day on the C&O and N&W


This past Saturday presented some beautiful weather and plenty of trains as we visited Kenova, WV. For those of you who are not familiar with Kenova, it is home to both CSX and NS mainlines. The CSX Kanawha Subdivision (Russell, KY to Montgomery, WV) and the NS Kenova District (Portsmouth, OH to Williamson) travel through the small, but active town nestled along the border of Kentucky and Ohio. Coal trains are most common along the CSX line, while a bit more variety of manifest, autorack, and intermodal are more common along the NS line. Overall, a good bit of variety was photographed and several good images were captured.

NS 274 passes over the massive N&W trestle in downtown Kenova on a beautiful summer afternoon.

CSX H796, a local bound for the Huntington Locomotive Shops from Russell, KY arrives into Huntington sporting an all EMD consist.

Later in the evening, NS 7640 on NS S0K passes over the C&O enroute to Portsmouth, OH and points west along the former N&W mainline to Columbus, OH.

A wide angle perspective of eastbound intermodal, NS 234.

We finish up our evening back in Huntington photographing the near 50 locomotives in storage along CSX's 16th Street Yard. The fate is undetermined for these older EMD's. Most are serviceable, while some will most likely be transported to the deadline upon reactivation.

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Chase Gunnoe

Tie Gang visits Nitro

As anticipated, Norfolk Southern held their annual jamboree along the former Conrail WV Secondary working on replacing ties and ballast along the scarcely used line that runs from Columbus, OH to the mountains of Southern West Virginia. Unlike previous years, I decided to document the replacement of the ties and ballast. Below, I've together an assortment of links to my PBase website showing images of the MOW work.

A group of nearly 16 camp cars sit in the yard at Nitro during the annual tie gang project.

One of the near 40 HTT machines that travel with the tie gang works on removing worn out ties just south of Nitro near Milepost 172.

Gathering up the old ties and preparing for the installation of the new ones.

An assortment of twenty MOW "critters" take a lunch break on this abnormally hot summer afternoon.

A pair of new crossing flashers being installed at 11th Street in downtown Nitro.

With the curfew being in effect until late in the evening, the normally scheduled manifests have been forced to run during the night. Here, we see NS 381 (Dickinson, WV to Columbus, OH) being recrewed in the yard at Nitro on the evening of July 22nd.

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Chase Gunnoe

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Additions


I added three new additional links to the right tab under "Photo Websites". The additions include a hyperlink to a photography blog by Michael Matalis, a talented railroad photographer in the Chicago area.

Secondly, a link to a porfolio of a relatively nearby photographer nestled in the mountains of southern West Virginia. Loyd Lowry, who lives in Hilldale focuses on movements along CSX's New River and Allegheny Subdivisions. His portfolio displays high quality images of classic Appalachia and how the railroad negotiates the heavy grades.

Finally, the third hyperlink displays a link to a Charleston, WV native whose work mainly focuses on steam tourist railroads. Walter Scriptunas II is one of the more popular photographers in the state and has had his images appear in many publications over the years.

Stay tune for additional improvements and updates to the site!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Along the N&W in May

During the month of May, a handful of trips were arranged to explore a variety of N&W lines in Virginia and West Virginia. As usual, many trains were documented and the trips were very successful. Below, I've posted a series of images from different trips along different lines. Some territories below are along the former N&W Pocahontas mainline, currently operated by Norfolk Southern.

A westbound empty coal train bound for the coalfields approach the massive N&W CPL signal bridge at CP "Hull". The selective color was added to focus your attention to the increasingly rare CPL's. Photo taken on May 7th, 2010.

A pair of ES44AC's operating as DPU's on an eastbound grain train are just moments from entering the Roderfield tunnel. Notice the notched edges on the tunnel indicating this tunnel is ready for double stack containers. Photo taken May 7th, 2010.

An eastbound NS V83 passes under the N&W sand tower at Vicker with a fitting N&W SD40-2 leader. Classic power on locals is still quite common on this end of the N&W. Photo taken May 19th, 2010.

As this overcast day winds down to an end, a Roanoke bound loaded coal drag knocks down the N&W CPL signal at Blake, just east of Bluefield on the NS Christiansburg District.

Hotshot NS 218 makes a bunch of ruckus as it passes over the impressive trestle in downtown Kenova. In the background, the bridge crosses over the Ohio River, making a portion of the train in West Virginia, while the rear end still remains in Ohio.

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